Vienna Legal Language Proficiency (LLP) Certificate

For more than twenty years Franz J. Heidinger, LL.M. (Virginia) has offered courses on the English and American Legal Systems and Legal English/American Legal English at the University of Vienna School of Law in order to help students develop special legal language skills that will enable them to be successful in an ever-demanding international legal environment.

Since 2010 the Juridicum has offered a unique opportunity to focus systematically on this issue by offering the following courses (among others) that will allow students to develop excellence in this field:

  • Angloamerikanische Rechtssprache Part 1
  • Angloamerikanische Rechtssprache Part 2
  • Angloamerikanische Rechtssprache Part 3
  • Angloamerikanische Rechtssprache Part 4

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Starting in September 2013, anyone with sufficient knowledge of the respective fields of law and the corresponding legal language is invited to take the Vienna Legal Language Proficiency Test. Successful passing of the test will entitle the student to obtain the Vienna LLP Certificate, which is designed to become a benchmark for English and American legal language proficiency above all in the German-speaking world.

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