From many years of translating for lawyers, notaries, banks, insurance companies, legal departments of Austrian and international enterprises and for chartered accountants we know how important it is for customers to be able to rely on the quality of our work.

With our knowledge of the different legal systems and our expertise in the field of legal, commercial and financial translations we are able to provide consistent high-quality results for our customers, which are above all assured by a constant focus on accuracy.

Our work is based on the following pillars:


All translations are produced by academic translators and court interpreters specialising in the relevant subject.


Your enquiry and all documents submitted for cost estimates and translation purposes will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. All our staff and co-operation partners have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Quality assurance

Proofreading by a "second set of eyes" as required by the European Quality Standard for Translation Services (EN 15038:2006), i.e. the principle that every translation is proofread by a second translator has always been our common practice and goes without saying.

On-time delivery

Our customers appreciate our on-time deliveries and strict observance of agreed delivery dates. It is not necessary to place your order with "extra time" in mind - you will receive the translation when you need it.